Tommy Walton
Home state Chicago, Illinois
Season 6
Place Top 7

Thomas "Tommy" Walton is a contestant from MasterChef season 6. He is a fashion designer.

Tommy won his first mystery box challenge during Season 6 Episode 10. The mystery box was filled with rice and Tommy created a delicious Bamboo Rice Jambalaya. The prize for wining this challenge was for his dish to feature in Family Circle Magazine. He was also safe from participating in the pressure test making him the first contestant to enter the Top 10.

Tommy was eliminated from the Top 7 on Masterchef Season 6 Episode 15 during a team pressure test challenge. He was partnered with Katrin Kozar and needed to replicate an elaborate party platter. They made the bottom 2 teams and as only 1 contestant was being eliminated, Tommy was asked to take his apron off and leave the competition. He left in true Tommy Walton style with his signature flair.

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