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Did Anyone See Wednesday Night's 2 Hour MasterChef? That Was So AWESOME! Avis, Sheena, and Jenna are out of the competition. I still say that Avis could've been a big help in that challenge where they had to serve members of the Army. But what cost her is that challenge before where Sheena got to choose the ingredients the contestants would use, NOT the theme. The theme was that they had to cook a Chinese Dish. I think Avis really struggled because like she said, "I don't know anything about chinese food". My dad said he doesn't like that third judge, Joe Bastianich because in the first 2 auditions, he was very...quiet. But I tried to tell him that Joe had a point when he was tasting the dishes in that 2 hour episode, he told the contestants "this is the problem we have with this group. If you want to be America's first ever MasterChef, you need to show us you deserve it. If you can't cook, then you don't deserve to be here".

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