Sheetal Bhagat

The Queen of the UniverseEdit

It feels really good to finally be the winner of a mystery box challenge AND win on something I’ve never cooked before which really means I’m making my decisions in the kitchen based on instinct.

He is a cocky son of a bitch, don’t discount my presence here. I’m still here for a reason.

Crap. Double Crap. Oh and Apple Pie, I got the apple pie.

This would be a huge upset. Little girl who’s parents are from India, her clam chowder takes down New England boy’s clam chowder? Oh my GAWD!

My experience here at masterchef has been life changing as a cook. I have grown leaps and bounds. There are not enough words to convey how proud I am to have been part of such an amazing creative process. I’ve definitely grown as cook, so I’m taking that with me, definitely.

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