Season 8 of the American competitive reality television series MasterChef premiered on FOX on May 31, 2017. Gordon Ramsay and Christina Tosi returned as judges. Aarón Sanchez joined the judging panel for this season as a third judge.

Top 20Edit

Contestant Age Hometown Occupation Status
Adam Wong Top 17
Brien O'Brien Top 17
Caitlin Jones Top 17
Cate Meade Top 17
Daniel Pontes-Madeco Top 17
Dino Luciano Ignacio Top 17
Eboni Henry Top 17
Gabriel Lewis Top 17
Jason Wang Top 17
Jeff Philbin Top 17
Jennifer Williams Top 17
Jenny Cavellier Top 17
Mike "Newton" Newton Top 17
Necco Ceresani Top 17
Reba Billingsley Top 17
Sam Reiff-Pasarew Top 17
Yachecia Holston Top 17
Heather Dombrosky Eliminated June 28
Paige Jimenez Eliminated June 21
Mark Togni Eliminated June 14

Competition tableEdit

Place Contestant Episode
3 4 5
Adam Immune Winner Immune
Brien Winner Immune Winner Immune
Caitlin Immune Pressure Test Bottom Entry
Cate Immune Winner Immune
Daniel Immune No Pressure Test Immune
Dino Immune No Pressure Test Bottom Entry
Eboni Immune Winner Immune
Gabriel Immune Pressure Test Immune
Jason Immune Winner Winner Immune
Jeff Immune No Pressure Test Top Entry Bottom Entry
Jennifer Top Entry Immune Bottom Entry Immune
Jenny Immune Pressure Test Immune
Necco Immune Winner Top Entry Immune
Newton Immune Winner Immune
Reba Immune Pressure Test Immune
Sam Bottom Entry Winner Bottom Entry
Yachecia Top Entry Immune Winner Bottom Entry
18 Heather Bottom Entry Winner Bottom Entry Eliminated
19 Paige Immune Eliminated
20 Mark Bottom Entry Eliminated



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