Just when you thought the culinary juggernaut that is MasterChef couldn’t serve anything tastier, it goes and plates up perfection... Edit

Yes sir, lick your lips and amass an appetite: MasterChef Season 3 has arrived, and it’s ready to capture the hearts of Australia’s food lovers like never before.

If you thought the 2010 competition was special – to which a peak metro audience of 4.3 million tuned in to watch Adam Liaw prevail – you ain’t seen nothing yet. More locations, more guests, more mystery (boxes) –MasterChef has fans to feed, and this year’s an all-you-can-eat party.

Firstly our returning veteran foodies Gary Mehigan, Matt Preston and George Calombaris will be joined by a new regular guest judge, ARIA legend Matt Moran. While this fantastic four will in charge of routinely assessing the contestants’ dishes, there will also be plenty of celebrity faces stopping by. Heston Blumenthal, Nigella Lawson, Rick Stein, Maggie Beer, Adriano Zumbo – prepare for a who’s who of master chefs.

Featuring action so hot it can’t be contained by the kitchen, MasterChef Season 3 sends its contestants journeying far and wide in pursuit of cooking excellence. From the pit of the Sunrise Dam in the West Australian outback, to the streets of Kuala Lumpur, this year there’s no telling where they may end up.

MasterChef has combed the country to find this year’s Top 50, who hail from all walks of life. A graphic designer, a farmer, a mum of five, a fruit and veg salesman, an award-winning winemaker and in a show first, a fighter pilot – to name but of a few of the colourful personalities appearing; all will be trying to prove they have the culinary chutzpah to win the ultimate title.

So if you’ll please take your seats, MasterChef Season 3 is ready to commence serving.