Darah Carattini
Home state Irvine, California
Season 6
Place Top 20

Darah Carattini is a contestant from MasterChef season 6. She works at an amusment park in California.

In the season 6 premiere, Darah won a white apron.

In "You're the Apple of My Eye", Darah was saved by Dan Collado.

In "Cinnamon Roll-ercoaster", Darah became team captain because she works at an amusment park and is familiar with what they serve. Darah lead her team to failure and moved on to the dreaded pressure test with the rest of the team. Back at the MasterChef kitchen, Darah had a chance to save 5 people on her team. She chose Ailsa Von Dobeneck, Claudia Sandoval, Sara Zacek, Dan Collado, and Hetal Vasavada, but after Darah chose Hetal, she declined and chose Derrick Peltz. Darah made 12 complicated flavored cinnamon rolls. Because of the under cooked rolls and the bizarre flavor, Darah was eliminated.